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Open Gym

Open Gym

Open for business daily with a wide variety of hours to fit all schedules. We feature a full array of weights, dumbells, kettlebells as well as specialty cardio equipment.



Join us for your daily WOD. We have class times to fit your schedule.



Ready to up your game or improve your powerlifting PR’s? Barbell has the equipment and know-how to get you there.



Barbell has an entire area devoted to weightlifting, including the equipment you need to increase your strength and athleticism.

The BARBELL Difference

Brazos Valley Barbell is a public fitness gym that combines the best of a CrossFit box and larger gyms’ equipment located in College Station, Texas. While we specialize in powerlifting, weightlifting, and CrossFit training, our personal trainers are able to offer you customized workout sessions to fit your needs.

Brazos Valley Barbell offers personal training, group training, and programming for all styles of exercise. Our specialty is in powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and hypertrophy-specific training programs that will help you build muscle mass. Stop by our spacious 6,000 sq. ft. complex and see us for your yourself!

We also have an exceptional CrossFit BVB membership that harnesses the power of gym, weightlifting, running, and rowing into a dynamic cardiovascular workout. Members can enjoy an open gym membership that gives them access to all our equipment whenever they like. We also offer one-on-one coaching and online coaching for those interested in reaching specific strength targets over a short period.

Our coaches can teach you the skill and precision of Olympic lifting techniques, help you harness added power by suggesting slight adjustments to your posture and rhythm, and just generally be enthusiastic support systems as you push forward in your strength training. At Brazos Valley Barbell, we aspire to be the premier gym in the Bryan/College Station area by combining fantastic equipment with a supportive and energetic gym environment that supports all our members in fighting for and achieving their strength, bodybuilding, or weight loss goals.

Powerlifting/ Weightlifting

Barball has all the equipment and coaching you need to maximize your performance in either discipline.
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Open Gym

Offering a first-rate training facility filled with the best quality equipment for any style of a gym workout.
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Crossfit BVB

Whether you’re just getting started or an experienced crossfitter, you will find a challenging WOD at our box.
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Barbell One-on-One Coaching

Coaching will ensure you are lifting safely while engaging the your muscles for the biggest possible gain…or loss, depending on your goals.
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Learn, Improve, or Compete at Barbell

So if this kind of enthusiastic atmosphere sounds appealing to you, we encourage you to contact us for more information about our gym memberships and other services. We look forward to hearing about your strength, fat loss, bodybuilding, or other ambitions and helping develop a plan to help you reach those goals.

Brazos Valley Barbell believes that everyone can achieve their fitness goals with the right kind of structure. Our flexible membership plans and supportive gym environment make for an ideal space for your workouts. Contact us to get started in College Station, Texas today.

PowerLifter. CrossFitter. Student. Mother. Everyday Joe.
Brazos Valley Barbell helps you achieve your personal best every day.
About Brazos Valley Barbell


As a member at Brazos Valley Barbell, you have the choice between a wide range of services to suit your bodybuilding or weight loss needs. Our standard gym membership gets you access to our spacious workout area as well as all the equipment we have, including the CrossFit area when classes aren’t going. The layout of the gym has been carefully designed to ensure maximum space and ease-of-use for all machinery.

One of the best features about Brazos Valley Barbell is that it really is an open gym. We do not require members to sign up for classes or train in set times like a training-only gym. Also, because of our intelligent layout and expansive facility, we never become so crowded that members have to wait to use the equipment. Members are truly free to train however they want without impedance or interference from other members or staff. The gym environment is usually quite focused at the same time, as most of our members are devoted powerlifters that know the benefits of teamwork in achieving individual goals. While many commercial gyms are impersonal and crowded, we strive to feel like a neighborhood gym where everyone is cheering each other on no matter the difference in strength or dedication. That makes our gym open and inviting to all members.


The Powerlifting section is our specialty at Brazos Valley Barbell, which is why it takes up a large portion of the main workout area. Powerlifting is a strength sport that includes squats, bench press, and deadlift work. It is an exciting form of bodybuilding that really brings out the best in people by challenging them at the very core. Powerlifting forces individuals to develop a strong foundation throughout their whole body. That means a serious lifter must have a solid core, build in the calves and quads, a sturdy lower back, and of course upper body strength in the chest and arms. Brazos Valley Barbell provides all the equipment required to build and maintain strength in all these areas and more.

We ensure the highest standard for equipment when it comes to all three forms of powerlifting. This means regular cleaning and assessment of the weights at each station. We also focus on arranging our gym around these Olympic lifting exercises so that our members can make the most of our equipment and enjoy a fluid exercise routine. Our squat and deadlift stations are grouped side by side in one area of the gym. Usually, there is a seamless rotation of use among members working in these stations, allowing for everyone to get as much time as they require on the floor.

Brazos Valley Barbell encourages our members to pair up and workout with a friend, for both safety reasons and emotional support. However, if you do come alone, you can be sure to meet plenty of enthusiastic lifters who can spot you if needed. Bench press work can be done in close proximity to the squat stations, and there is ample space in between for stretching and mental preparation.

Brazos Valley Barbell has a trainer for you. Our coaches specialize in powerlifting, weightlifting, and hypertrophy. They all boast extensive experience at the highest levels of strength training, as well as the professional coaching certification required to teach the most talented powerlifters. Every one of our coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your goals. They all take pride in coaching beginners and advanced lifters, providing that extra bit of advice and encouragement to improve performance at all levels of powerlifting. This is why hypertrophy is an important component of strength training.

Hypertrophy refers to the process of increasing the size of an organ or tissue by enlarging its cellular composition. At Brazos Valley Barbell, we pride ourselves on offering all of the tools you need to exceed your body building or weight loss goals. One of the methods of achieving your goals is by working closely with a trainer.

One on one training is offered to those looking for the most personal experience. Trainers can build programs for you that match your workout goals. They can be rapid and high-intensity, challenging you to bulk up quite quickly. These kinds of programs are for the more experienced individual with a background in lifting. Programs call also be slower paced and more focused on building core strength and learning the technical components to being a successful lifter.

Your Brazos Valley Barbell coach will take some time to assess your strength level, consider where you would like to go with your strength training, and then produce a strict schedule to meet your goals. Powerlifting is a very technical area of weight training that also requires a lot of initial strength training. So, if you are just beginning, be prepared for a trainer to take some time and help you develop a strength foundation that will put you in a good position for intensive training. Progress will be monitored as closely as possible by the trainers, who will be able to provide tips and reassurance at every step of the way. It helps that our trainers are passionate about their own fitness and maintain peak levels at all times. They, like you, are on a strict workout regime, which sometimes includes a dietary component, in the interest of building strength.

Online coaching is available to members who have previously worked with one of our coaches before. It is also an option for those who are very confident in their abilities, or who do not want to workout following a strict timetable and routine. With online coaching, members make a profile on the Brazos site and fill out all personal information required, including a personal assessment of their bodybuilding or powerlifting history, and a general list of targets (both short and long term) they would like to hit with the help of a trainer.

A coach will look over the profile and design a workout program to match the member’s profile and fitness targets. After receiving the program, members are free to workout whenever they like. They will receive weekly check-ins with their coach to make sure things are going smoothly. These check-ins involve sharing updates and informing your coach how much you have completed, how your body is reacting to the workouts, and what areas of concern there might be. Brazos Valley Barbell is able to provide tips for any and all concerns before updating the program.

CrossFit BVB

CrossFit BVB is a major component to the Brazos Valley Barbell gym. The CrossFit facility is attached to the workout area, offering an ideal space for cardiovascular work that compliments traditional powerlifting and bodybuilding routines. CrossFit is a multi-dimensional intensive exercise routine that targets all areas of the body. Programs are built around built around repetition and increasing intensity and can be designed for a class or an individual.

If you would like to check out a few examples of a helpful CrossFit routine, feel free to check out their website to see what works for you. There are thousands of different routines that focus on all kinds of different muscles.

Brazos Valley Barbell provides a variety of CrossFit programs that should be practiced by those looking to strengthen core muscles areas or find effective weight loss routines. As we have stated before, CrossFit focuses on functional movements of the body. Just like a marathon runner who trains by doing high-intensity interval runs instead of actual marathons, a serious and committed individual knows that training is about making substantial gains over the long term.


Our expert coaches are committed to helping you develop your strength capacity in ways you never thought imaginable. Our staff is full of world-class strength training experts that bring years of experience into your personalized workouts.

Perhaps no one is as committed to the beauty of strength training as the founder of Brazos Valley Barbell, David Woolson. David is a USA Weightlifting performance coach with accreditation from the ACE CPT, and the NCCPT. He is a BASM Performance Enhancement Specialist and is a registered Level 1 Coach in Precision Nutrition. David is predominantly skilled in powerlifting and hypertrophy and has built Brazos Valley Barbell on his passion for helping people reach all forms of sport performance goals.

As a member, you will notice how often our coaches are in the gym working on their own physique or just hanging out socializing with members or other staff. There is a real sense of community at Brazos Valley Barbell, which certainly has something to do with the proximity of the gym to Texas A&M in College Station. A lot of our members are students or recent grads, and the Brazos Valley Barbell gym atmosphere definitely benefits from the enthusiasm and passion our younger members bring each workout. Our community of coaches is committed to providing members with gym experience across the board. We care deeply about making sure each and every member is benefitting as much as they can from their bodybuilding or weight loss training routines.