Our Open Gym

Unlike the other gyms College Station TX has, Brazos Valley Barbell has a first-rate training facility filled with the best quality equipment for any style of a gym workout any time you need it. We are open daily with staffed hours to fit almost anyone’s schedule, but every member has access to the gym 24/7. The facility itself spans 6000 sq. ft. of space filled with all the equipment you need for powerlifting, weightlifting, bodybuilding or general fitness.

Brazos Valley Barbell is a spacious gym attended by passionate and supportive members, and a training staff of experts who know how to get the most out of their clients while maintaining a positive outlook for health and fitness. Everyone at Brazos Valley Barbell wants to help each member and client break through to the next level of strength training. This comradery is felt by all our members, whether they enjoy solo gym workouts or the expert advice of our training staff.

A basic membership provides access to all our facilities, free programming, including 20 squat racks, dumbells, plate loaded and cable machines, and specialty barbells, without needing to sign up for classes or make an appointment with a personal trainer. We pride ourselves on giving our members as much freedom to train as they desire without the restrictions or crowds that often get in the way at commercial gyms. Brazos Valley Barbell is the best gym that is always clean and equipment is well maintained.

Open Gym
Gym Facilities

The gym itself is one large, spacious room with a warehouse-style feel. Upon entering the space for the first time, you might notice that Brazos Valley Barbell is not filled with as many mirrors as you might expect for the purpose of eliminating distractions during your gym workout. Instead, the gym is filled with over twenty squat racks, platforms for deadlifts or weightlifting, dumbbells up to 150lbs, cable machines, and specialty machines and barbells.

Members can pick from a wide variety of machines and services spread throughout the gym. While other gyms may waste space with redundant machines, we try to make the most of our available space with powerlifting equipment, bench presses, and an area devoted to squat and deadlift work. Brazos Valley Barbell places equipment strategically to allow for proper physical and mental preparation routines unlike other Bryan College Station gyms.

When it comes to our gym workout, cardio fitness, squat and deadlift stations, we made sure they all exist in a row separate from any other machinery. Each station is equipped with a complete range of weights, making them all suitable for beginners, intermediates or seasoned experts. We also provide a wide range of standard weightlifting machines that target the whole body. This includes intensive leg training machines, a number of different abdomen based pieces, and ample floor space. However, our specialty at Brazos Valley Barbell is powerlifting, weightlifting, and hypertrophy, so most of the space in our facility is geared towards these forms of strength work.

Personal Training / Coaching
Personal Training

Often the question arises: is it better to gym workout alone or with a personal trainer? We believe that there are benefits to both and both should be utilized in proper powerlifting development. In any case, it is helpful to know what each might mean for you.

There are a number of benefits to working out individually without the aid of a trainer. One of the best things about solo strength training is that you do not have someone hovering over you at every turn. In fact, individuals can purchase programming and coaching that does not include having someone shadow you around the gym. Programming is actually included for every gym member for weightlifting, strength, and hypertrophy.

You can arrive for a gym workout when you like, and spend longer doing the same routine than perhaps you had planned. This freedom of choice is sometimes what people need to stay committed to a long-term weightlifting routine. Even though there are some expert coaches at Brazos Valley Barbell that know everything about conventional strength training, at the end of the day you know your body best. You can tailor each gym workout to the different parts of the body and enjoy the freedom of changing it up every once and a while. With all the great facilities at Brazos Valley Barbell, it is nice to be able to pick and choose which areas of the body to focus on rather than be stuck in a boring routine with every move planned out for months. Planning and executing your own gym workout routine is also a great way to build confidence in your strength training ability. It is liberating to know that you, and only you, are responsible for bringing up your strength to a whole new level.

It is also a great benefit of Brazos Valley Barbell that it is not overcrowded. Many commercial gyms do not have the appropriate equipment to match their membership base. This means that people have to wait in line to use equipment, or sign up hours before just to get a 30-minute cardio fitness gym workout. That makes for an extremely frustrating experience for individual members. Brazos Valley Barbell takes pride in ensuring members have the freedom to train the way they want without set times in training-only facilities and without the crowds and wasted space that makes some commercial gyms quite unenjoyable for the average member. We know that to be the best gym means ensuring each and every member is able to find their own space and begin to see improvements in their physique. As a member at Brazos Valley Barbell in College Station, Texas, you will quickly come to know all of the staff and most of the other members. This kind of personal connection will go a long way in keeping you committed to your long-term fitness goals.

When it comes to working with a trainer, there are a number of training options with experts for members looking to improve their strength. Powerlifting and weightlifting coaches at Brazos Valley Barbell are consummate professionals who are passionate about helping you get to the next level in your strength training. Our coaches specialize in powerlifting, weightlifting, and hypertrophy, and all have extensive backgrounds in high-level strength training. No local gym in the Bryan/College Station area has as qualified a coaching staff as we do at Brazos Valley Barbell. If you live in the area and have yet to sign up for an exercise gym, you can bet that Brazos Valley Barbell is the best gym in the area for all your health and fitness needs.

Personal Coaching

At the gym, our coaching is structured in a semi-private format. There is group training, which has become quite popular recently as members begin to form personal friendships around their health and fitness routines. Group training is ideal for powerlifters of any level because our classes are categorized by weight. Our classes include a beginners group to introduce newcomers to the basics of powerlifting. Group training is ideal for anyone that enjoys and benefits from collective encouragement and the focused energy that can push them even farther in their strength training. Many of our members join without considering the benefits of working within a group. After observing a few of them in the gym workout room, however, they quickly change their mind and sign up for the next available class. While this is not a mandatory process, this is a great way to compliment a personal powerlifting routine, giving members a little weekly shot of collective support as they push their bodies to new levels. What’s great about Brazos Valley Barbell is that progress happens on their own time.

One-on-one classes are popular at Brazos Valley Barbell, which says a lot about the exceptional quality of our coaches. Individual training is great for the devoted powerlifter that wants to hit and exceed strength goals on a regular basis. Lifters at any level would benefit from the techniques, tips, and tricks that our coaches can provide. The Gym workout programming is tailored exactly to your needs, and progress will be monitored as closely as possible. These are often strict and demanding classes because the coach will know how to get the most out of you. The more committed one gets with powerlifting, the more it becomes about changing little things here and there that can make a huge difference. The focused attention of a coach will make it much easier to figure out what these little changes are in your powerlifting routine. Our coaches will form a supportive bond with you from the first session and will be cheering you on as you meet each of your goals.

Brazos Valley Barbell also offers a groundbreaking online cardio fitness coaching program so that you can stay up to date with your progress at all times. Our coaching program combines the best of solo workouts with the helpful technical and expert planning advice of our coaches. Our members can make a profile on our site and pay a small fee for the program. The gym workout program includes weekly check-ins from a coach, access to a coach at gym itself, and a top of the line strength and conditioning program that members can tackle at their own pace.

We recommend this service to members who have an existing relationship with one of our coaches. Having a familiarity with a coach will help you as a member and them as a coach. As a member, you can be confident in that you are working with someone that knows your strength levels, health and fitness capacities, and can recommend effective ways to hit your targets. As a coach, having familiarity with your strength and personality is extremely helpful. Having this level of familiarity will allow him to pick accurate routines that will make changes to your physique faster than otherwise, and will be more in line with what your body is naturally inclined to. If you are extremely experienced or confident in your abilities, then perhaps online training will work for you.

The Brazos Valley Barbell Difference

Aside from the huge workout space and a wide variety of excellent gym workout equipment, Brazos Valley Barbell stands out from other local gyms in Bryan College Station TX because we care about our members. We have a real interest in making sure each person who steps through our door gets the support they need to achieve their health and fitness goals. The workout room environment is usually full of positive energy and people pushing themselves to the limit to get results.

Our coaches know that positive reinforcement and a good laugh once and awhile are key ingredients to a person’s success. This is felt by our service staff, coaches, and our members. We value each and every member of our gym because we take such joy in seeing them succeed. This cannot be said of a lot of commercial gyms which are often so full that you can feel like a small fish in the ocean. It is also at these overcrowded gyms that members frequently have to wait to use the gym workout equipment. We make sure this is not the case at Brazos Valley Barbell, and we have the space to expand if and when the time comes.

The bottom line is that our coaches and service staff know how challenging it can be to stick to a regular workout routine. It can be even more difficult to find health and fitness at a large commercial gym where you cannot find an inch of personal space to workout. We are here to make the gym workout environment as pleasant as possible, and that shows in our commitment to keeping all the facilities in the gym clean and safe, updating class schedules and keeping everyone informed, and catching up regular members whenever we get the chance. Our job is to give you the best gym possible, to the point that you are looking forward to your next workout at Brazos Valley Barbell.

If you have ever wanted to join an exercise gym but have yet to find the right fit in College Station, Texas, you can be sure that Brazos Valley Barbell is the right fit for you. With a team of coaches that is committed to your success, and a gym environment of comradery and encouragement, and the freedom to train the way you like without having to bother with classes or sign-up sheets, Brazos Valley Barbell is the best gym in the Bryan/College Station area.

Our members are committed to earning noticeable results in their strength and endurance levels, and we want to create the ideal environment for this kind of rewarding work to take place. Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to become the best version of yourself through proper programming and measurable results. We encourage you to give us a call to set up a consultation with one of our team members or pop in for an in-person visit to check out our exceptional facilities and experience the Brazos Valley Barbell difference first-hand. Just call us at 361-935-5564.