Remote Powerlifting Coaching

At Brazos Valley Barbell, we pride ourselves on having the best coaching for Powerlifting available anywhere. Unfortunately, location can frequently limit the level of coaching that is available to athletes. We designed our remote coaching to mirror the coaching that athletes get in person at Brazos Valley Barbell, including unlimited coaching from us. All programming is designed and carried out by David Woolson. During your time with our coaching, you will have unlimited contact with your coach, constantly updated programming, and any technical corrections that are necessary.

With coaching options for all experience levels and budgets, Brazos Valley Barbell can help you find the success you have been looking for. For more on some of our training principals and methods check out our YouTube channel, and you can view our most recent videos below.

Powerlifting Club Coaching

Powerlifting Club Coaching follows the same programming that David Woolson follows during his annual cycles. Programming follows a competition schedule of competing two to three times a year including major competitions like USAPL Raw Nationals, The Arnold Sports Festival, and local competitions. This structure has been proven to be successful time and time again through competitions and records. Athletes who sign up for Club Coaching will receive the weekly feedback and assistance updating the programming to fit individual needs.

Individualized Coaching

Athletes who choose the individualized programming with have their training designed and manipulated to fit all of their needs. All of the programming and coaching is handled specifically for each athlete. We track and analyze many variables regularly to ensure consistent and steady progress for every athlete. We track and manage volume, intensity, fatigue, and design programming to include special exercises to target specific weakness of each lifter. With this option, you will have dedicated coaching with you designing every stage of your programming so that you are ready when you need to be. Athletes have the option of either weekly program review and coaching or daily contact to ensure everything is running exactly the way it should.

Club Coaching


Weekly Coaching


Daily Coaching

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Complete Programs

We also know that there are a lot of lifters that feel confident with their technique and abilities and just want the thought taken out of their programming. We created four programs, all eight weeks long, that follow the standard structure and frequency that our normal coaching would follow. All of these programs have been done successfully by our coaches and lifters. These programs are yours to repeat as many times as you want to.


High volume block with the goal of building muscle mass. Program design is centered around squats, bench, and deadlifts but with lower average loads. Lots of accessory work and variations.


Intermediate block with higher average intensities. Introduces more top sets in to training to drive progress under near maximal loading. Teaches higher force output with the muscle built from hypertrophy phases.


Advanced block for competition preparation. Frequent top sets and practice under maximum loading. Programmed to lead directly in to a competition on the end of the eighth week. High average intensities, lower volume.

Powerlifting Base

Standard five day split used by many of our athletes to test weakness. Follows a daily undulating structure, planned for highest intensities at the end of week eight. General strength/hypertrophy off-season programming for powerlifting.