Powerlifting Coaching

At Brazos Valley Barbell, we pride ourselves on having the best coaching for Powerlifting available anywhere. Whether you live in College Station or are looking for a remote coach to push you to be your best, we have options to fit your needs. Remote clients and local athletes are all given all the tools they need to progress quickly and safely. All programming is designed and carried out by National Champion and multi-time record holder, David Woolson.

With coaching options for all experience levels and budgets, Brazos Valley Barbell can help you find the success you have been looking for. For more on some of our training principals and methods check out our YouTube channel, and you can view our most recent videos below.

Club Programming

With our Club Programming option, you will have access to the same programs that David follows for his own training. You will keep full access to all previous blocks during your time using this option, so if you ever decide to move on you will have all of your info on past blocks to make future choices. This option is not individualized but does come with frequently updated programs to keep your training moving forward. If you are interested in getting started or have more questions just email David below.

Email David

Individualized Coaching

Athletes who choose the individualized programming with have their training designed and manipulated to fit all of their needs. All of the programming and coaching is handled specifically for each athlete. We track and analyze many variables regularly to ensure consistent and steady progress for every athlete. We track and manage volume, intensity, fatigue, and design programming to include special exercises to target specific weakness of each lifter. With this option, you will have dedicated coaching with you designing every stage of your programming so that you are ready when you need to be. Athletes have the option of either weekly check-ins with detailed feedback and program review or unlimited daily contact to ensure everything is running exactly the way it should.

Club Programming


Weekly Coaching


Unlimited Coaching



If you are interested in Powerlifting Coaching, please fill out the questionnaire in the link above and David will get back with you shortly


The program is designed for lifters with at least moderate experience looking to increase their strength. This is a 10 week long program, including a final taper and testing week, that can be run into a powerlifting competition or just testing your 1 Rep Maxes in the gym.



For access to the program, click the link above, make a copy, and save to your Google Drive.